/P Activities 2012


The Committee

  Our first /P evening of the year was to Blackstone Edge on 15th May. The weather was a bit cool and only a few members turned up. However, we managed to get QSOs in the UK on 2m, 4m and 6m as well as a single QSO on 40m with a Greek station. Unfortunately, no-one brought a camera to take any pictures!

On Saturday 2nd June, we operated a special event station to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in Savile Park, Halifax, for which we obtained the special call sign GQ2UG. We made over 100 QSOs of which about half were UK stations and the rest were in various countries in Western Europe - although, strangely, we did not have any contacts with French stations. This was the first SES for the current membership and we felt that it was a great success.

Picture of GQ2UG on Savile Park, Halifax, 2nd July 2012

At the desk, Martin M0GQB logging for Barry 2E0PEC on the right at the microphone. At the rear, from left to right, Dick G3TIX, Gilbert G0HDN, John G and Anthony G0WFG.

The following weekend, Saturday 9th June, we were at the Halifax Charity Gala where we operated a demonstration station as well as giving away our "green receiver" crystal set construction project. We had about a dozen contacts into Europe before the bands went dead on us in the afternoon. As usual, no-one thought to take any photographs!

Our next /P evening was at Norland Moor on 19th June. The weather was very good and we ended up with 5 transmitters on the air. Although there were some strong signals about, the band conditions weren't very favourable. Barry 2E0PEC managed contacts with Poland, Lithuania and Spain; Richard M6RIK worked Poland and Italy; Paul G8SJA also worked Italy; Peter G0JKW made contacts on 2m. This event ended when the midges finally drove us away!

Working /P at Norland MoorFrom left to right: Geoff G0PFH (standing), Martin M0GQB, trainee Davie N, Barry 2E0PEC, John G7ELX

On 21st July, we returned to Savile Park for "Halifax on the Air". This was an event organised by Terry WB3BKN to get as many towns called Halifax as possible on the air and talking to each other and making QSOs. Unfortunately, the bands were dead and we made only 18 QSOs of which half were with contest stations in Europe.

Because the weather had been so poor in the weeks preceding the event, we used a frame tent instead of a gazebo so that we would have more shelter. On the day, the weather was fine and sunny!

View of tent and G5RV aerial used for 'Halifax on the Air We used the club's G5RV aerial, mounted it 8m high on a Spiderbeam pole and held up the ends with a pair of fishing poles. The pole on the left is part of a V-beam set up by Barry 2E0PEC

Setting up took a while as it was our first time using the frame tent and the combination of poles but there were plenty of hands to help:

Erecting the V-beam

From left to right: Barry 2E0PEC, John G and Ken G0ITI erecting the V-beam.

Rigging the Spiderbeam pole

Martin M0GQB and John G7ELX rig the Spiderbeam pole before walking it up.

Business wasn't good but we did make some contacts!
Listening for repliesMaking a contact

Barry 2E0PEC and John G7ELX call CQ and listen ...  ...  whilst Anthony G0WFG gets the QSO.

Our final /P event of the year was on 21st August at Lower Wyke. The preceding days had had heavy showers but the evening was fine if a bit cool. Although we had about 5 rigs on the air, business was poor with only a few HF and VHF contacts.

2E0PYG rigging his antenna

Paul 2E0PYG rigs his home-brew vertical whip for 40m

2E0PEC seeking that elusive QSO!

Barry 2E0PEC seeks that elusive QSO
working QRP on his Yaesu FT-817

As always, Barry 2E0PEC managed to get the contacts and logged an Italian on 40m and another on 20m receiving 5+9 reports in both cases. Nothing unusual in that - except he was using his FT-817 running less than five Watts! The secret is the aerial - Barry used a G5RV at 5m - and a lot of persistence.

Dave G3PTU and John G7ELX

And some people just came to enjoy themselves...David G3PTU and John G7ELX share a joke.

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