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  Our first event of 2015 was on 12th May when we tested communications at VHF up Cragg Vale. The impetus behind this was that a local group wanted to recreate the community spirit shown during the Tour de France by holding a Fund Day with various types of races along the main road from Mytholmroyd up Cragg Vale. The chairman had offered HADARS assistance by providing radio communications, which was gratefully accepted, and so we had to determine the best way to implement communications along the route. The portable evening tested the feasibility of using a base station at the bottom of the route and individual stations along the route reporting back to base. We found that this was not possible and that a different strategy would be needed. Before we could do further tests, however, the organising group reported that they would be unable to get all the necessary authorisation to close the route - the B6138 - to general traffic but would be aiming inaugurate the event in 2016. This gives us more time to examine alternative strategies.

Unfortunately, we do not have any photographs of the participants in our testing so the evening's activities remains in cognito.

Our next /P evening was on 9th June when we met at Blackshaw Head, Hebden Bridge and the weather was reasonably good. Whilst there were few outstanding QSOs, we did achieve a couple of contacts despite operators using mainly low power. Several club members

Left, George M6GFI and on the right his station manager, Christine. Behind them, John G7ELX and in the background Malcolm 2E0UGX (seated on the ground) using QRP to an 40m inverted V dipole and in the far distance by the car Arthur M0DEJ.

Martin M0GQB operating, Darren M0WIT greeting the cameraman

Martin M0GQB amd Darren M0WIT take over the shack of 2E0JCK/M6PBN and use his rig for a bit of QRO operating. Martin M0GQB is at the microphone whilst Darren M0WIT greets the cameraman.

On 14th July we met at Lower Wyke for another /P evening and there was a large turnout of members and friends. Yet again, we had good weather as you can see in some of the following photographs.
Some of the club members
From left to right: Stephen M6BKN partially obscured by John M0JPA, Ray G0PMU and Ken G0ITI.

A 4m dipole
A 4m dipole erected high above the trees.

Raymond G1MSD

Raymond G1MSD shows that /P doesn't have to be uncomfortable! On the table is a Yaesu Ft-991 with the MD-100 microphone and a Motorola DM4600 DMR rig with a hand microphone.

Darren M0WIT's Delta loop

This is the 80m-6m ProWhip delta loop of Darren M0WIT mounted on top of an 8m ex-army mast.

Using this aerial on 17m, we failed to make contact with an Israeli station but several club members were able to have a QSO with K1ZZZ.

Colin 2E0HQJ

Colin 2E0HQJ (inside the car) was experimenting with a vertical. Watching him are Eric 2E0JCK at the driver's door, Anthony G0WFG at the passenger door and (I think) Peter G0JKW.

Dick G3TIX and John M0JPA

Dick G3TIX and John M0JPA (at the wheel) operating /M.

On 11th August we met at Roils Head Playing Fields, Halifax for our final scheduled /P evening of the year. Unlike a couple of weeks earlier, the wather warm, the sun shone and there was very little wind. Most of us seemed to be using the evening to test aerials.

Colin 2E0HQJ sets up his 40m off-centre fed dipole

Here, Colin 2E0HQJ is setting up an off-centre fed dipole for 40m.

The previous picture suggests that it was a cloudy evening but as this picture shows (I hope) it was very sunny.Sunset over Roils Head playing fields

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