SSB Field Day and ChOTA 2015


The Committee

  We decided to take part in the RSGB SSB Field Day in 2015 - probably the first time for the current membership - and were able to work from Lower Wyke. We took part in the restricted section using a single radio and aerial and, although we weren't likely to challenge the leading stations, did reasonably well for a first attempt. Obviously, we learned a lot and hope to do better next year. Operators included G7ELX, M0GQB, M0JPA, M0UGX, M0WIT, M6GFI and M6SHT.
The Field Day set up
The station set up was a Yaesu Ft-897 with auto-ATU feeding a G-Whip 40m full-wave Delta loop on top of an 7m mast. We used batteries for power with a generator for re-charging. We found that running the generator connected to the battery in use caused interference to the radio - something we will need to sort out for next time.

Most of our QSOs were on 80m, 40m and 20m although we bagged a couple on 15m so as to get the multiplier - there was nothing on 10m from our location.

Dave M6SHT is the man on the microphone in this photograph.

John M0JPA (foreground) with Darren M0WIT at the microphone
Shown here is John M0JPA nearest the camera and Darren M0WIT doing the night shift ...

Malcolm M0UGX at the microphone
... whilst Malcolm M0UGX does a day shift.

We await the final result of the contest with interest.

On 12th September, as part of the Churches and Chapels On The Air event, HADARS operated GB2MTM from Mount Tabor Methodists Church.

The weather started out very foggy and cool and although it did warm up during the day, we then had rain - light at first but fairly heavy around 1200-1300. Typically, the clouds cleared towards late afternoon and when we were dismantling the aerials we had blue skies and sunshine.

We put up a 40m doublet for the HF station and ran out a long wire for the datamode station. The propagation gods, however, were definitely against us as we were able to make few contacts in the UK. Only 40m and 20m seemed to have any activity and even that was subject to much QSB.
Martin M0GQB at the microphone, John M6KJW at the log
Using SSB on 40m, we managed to contact only 2 other ChOTA stations whereas we were able to contact stations in Germany, France and Belgium with ease.

Here, Martin M0GQB is at the microphone securing the first ChOTA QSO with GB2RCD whilst John M6KJW maintains the log.

Stuart G6NTI at the microphone, John M6KJW at the log
The bulk of the SSB operating was done by Stuart G6NTI (shown here at the microphone) and John M6JKW ...

Martin logs another PSK31 contact
... and Martin M0GQB operated the datamode station.

Using PSK on 20m, the QSOs were split between PSK31 and PSK63 and again we had problems contacting stations in the UK and were only able to QSO with Bernard 2E0DDM in Wakefield. However, European contacts were a lot easier - including Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Romania, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal and quite a few from Spain - although we deliberately avoided contest stations.
Colin 2E0HQJ using the datamode station
Towards the end of the afternoon, we were joined by Colin 2E0HQJ.

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