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  Our first event of 2017 was on 16th May when we went to Blackshaw Head in the hills above Hebden Bridge. The weather was was very pleasant and we had a good time in the sun.
Ken G0ITI operating on 2m

Ken G0ITI operating on 2m.

Darren M0WIT setting up his I-Pro Traveler

Darren M0WIT setting up his I-Pro Traveler assisted(?) by John G7ELX who has his back to the camera.

Chris M6IJT and Phil M6HNO admire the erected - and adjusted - I-Pro Traveler

Chris M6IJT (left) and Phil M6HNO admire the erected - and adjusted - I-Pro Traveler.

The following /P evening was on 20th June when we went to Norland Moor. Again the weather was very pleasant and we had a good time - even the midges kept away. The evening gave me the opportunity to allow a couple of members on the Foundation licence course to make their first HF QSO as one their practical assessment tasks. I see from my log, that I also had a QSO with a HB0/SP9FIH on 17m so the evening wasn't all serious matters. I was using my FT-991 with a 40m doublet erected as an inverted vee about 8m high at the apex.

Unfortunately, we have no pictures of the evening's activities.

As well as our /P evenings, HADARS took part in the Practical Wireless 144 MHz Contest on Saturday 10th June. For this year's contest the maximum power allowed had been increased to 5W so, after carefully measuring and setting the output, we used a Yaesu FT-991 coupled to a 7-element ZL-Special. We were hoping to use a 9 element Tonna but the wind was too strong for the rotator. In the event we did a lot better than last year but we're still waiting for the results to be published. GX2UG part-way through the PW 144MHz Contest

The GX2UG station part-way through the PW 144MHz Contest

Colin 2E0HQJ at the microphone

Colin 2E0HQJ at the microphone and ...

... John M0JPA also assisted.

Our third /P evening was on 18th July when we visited Blackstone Edge. Once more we had good weather although it was very windy - it generally is windy at this location but this time it seemed worse than usual!

Colin 2E0HQJ assembling his 2m aerial

There was great interest in Colin 2E0HQJ's new 'portable' aerial ...

Colin 2E0HQJ mounting his 2m aerial on the mast

... getting there ...

The 2m aerial up on its mast

... and it's up - despite the wind (but not necessarily pointing in the direction which Colin wants!)

John G7ELX operating 2m mobile rig

Just to give the lie to John G7ELX's nickname of "the licensed listener", here's a picture of him actually on air. In the background is Gary, at the time unlicensed but now M6???.

For our final /P evening of the year, we returned to Blackshaw Head. The August event usually finishes early because it gets dark around 21:00 BST but it also gets quite cool as the sun nears the horizon. Club members at Blackshaw Head

There were some excellent signals coming in including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Japan, America and Myanmar but, using only a portable station running 70W, meant we weren't able to break through the pile-up. Here, from left to right, Chris M6IJT, Barry M6VBG, Martin M0GQB (at the controls), Eric M0JCK and John G7ELX listen to the signals.

Saturday 2nd September - Blackshaw Head fete.

Saturday 9th September - Churches On The Air - operating GB0BHM from Blackshaw Head Methodist Chapel.

Ken G0ITI in his shack

My thanks go to Ken G0ITI who is almost the only person who remembers to bring his camera to our events and so is the one who takes all the photographs on this page. As a result, he rarely appears in front of the camera. So, here's a picture not taken by Ken G0ITI showing him in his shack. Thanks for all the pictures, Ken!

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